Patron Review Engine

Book reviews in your library’s catalog… and the reviews are written by YOUR patrons!

Imagine… your library’s online catalog is the place where your patrons go to get recommendations from other people in your community and from around the world on what books to read!

Your library can have a truly interactive mechanism, completely integrated into your online catalog and it will take less than 15 minutes to do it. All in all, the ChiliFresh Review Engine is a cost-effective and efficient way to engage your patrons in the same way that they are already used to interacting on many commercial web sites.

How It Works

The ChiliFresh Review Engine consists of a database of reviews that reside on a remote server. When your library subscribes to ChiliFresh, your online catalog becomes a place where your patrons can interact with your library and other library’s patrons like never before. It is no secret that all the major online book sellers allow their customers to read and write reviews for the books they find there. At ChiliFresh, we believe that your web site (specifically your catalog) should be the same interactive forum.

Here’s an interesting question: Have you ever found yourself browsing your own library’s catalog for something interesting to read, and at the same time had another web site’s reviews open in another window so you can see what other people thought about the read? We already know the answer to that question. That is why we felt that every library should have its own Review Engine.

The ChiliFresh Review Engine is easy to implement, extremely cost-effective and completely transparent to your patrons. And, because you can choose to display reviews written by patrons from libraries from throughout the world, your online catalog can be a place where your patrons can interact with your library as well as other patrons from around the world.