Connections is an exciting enhancement to the ChiliFresh family that will bring your library into the online world of social interaction. As a full blown social networking platform, Connections will integrate into your online catalog and facilitate the connection of patrons worldwide through your OPAC based on their literary interest and habits. Included with Connections is.

  • Digital Personalized Bookshelves
  • One on One Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Online Book Clubs
  • Friending
  • Messaging
  • Literary Communities
  • Forums

The Goal – Simply put, Connections will empower your patrons to make real life connections with other people throughout the world based on their literary interest and/or habits from right inside your online catalog.

Connecting Worldwide – As an integral part of Connections, your patrons will have the ability to make and receive recommendations with patrons around the world. For the first time, you can have real insight into what your patrons are interested in. We capture that data and you can use it in your collection development efforts.

Seamless Integration – Connections sits right in your online catalog which means that your catalog becomes a rich an interesting place to be. Connections truly makes your catalog a “sticky place” for your patrons to come to over and over. As you open a global community for your local patrons, your library becomes a real facilitator of “the conversation”.

Connections is not meant to replace the popular social networking platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and MySpace… but rather integrates your patrons activities with these sites.

See Connections in action – We are happy to arrange an online demo of what Connections is and does. You will be amazed how Connections will bring your online catalog alive.

Send us a note that you want more information and a demo by clicking here: Contact us