Patron Book Review Engine Think for a moment about how your patrons use your catalog.  Chances are, when your catalog is open, they also have another site open to read what other people have to say about the items in yBookReviewour collection.  And the message this gives to your community… “you should get your peer reviews from someplace other than the library.With a network of thousands of libraries whose patrons are all contributing to The ChiliFresh Book Review Engine, this is a function and information source that you can have in your catalog.
Connections Simply put, Connections will empower your patrons to make reaGlobal Patron Interactionl life connections with other people throughout the world based on their literary interest and/or habits As an integral part of Connections, your patrons will have the ability to make and receive recommendations with patrons around the world. Connections truly makes your catalog a “sticky place” for your patrons to come to over and over.
Book Jacket Cover Art With over 8 million digital graphics in our collection, there is no better way to cover your collection that with ChiliFresh Book Jacket Cover Art.  Of course, there are many sources of Book Jackets for your catalog.  We do things a little different:
Book Jacket Cover Art Book Jacket Cover Art Book Jacket Cover Art Book Jacket Cover Art Book Jacket Cover Art Book Jacket Cover Art
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